Hotels, Hostels And Apartments In Merida Calle 55 is a Spanish school in Merida, Mexico. Our school in Mexico proposes Spanish courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. Several type of courses: intensive, private, semi-intensive and online. Our teaching method to learn Spanish is based on conversation. In Calle 55, you will find the cheapest Spanish courses in Merida, Mexico. Our teachers are passionate and experimented. Retrouvez-nous sur Google+

Hotels, Hostels and Apartments in Merida, Mexico

Here is a list of some hotels, hostels and apartments that our students have recommended us in the center of Merida. If you are interested in one, we recommend you to contact them by email and by phone. If you do not receive an answer, you can contact us and we will check if they received your reservation. The school does not charge for this service

In addition to the following recommendations, you can also visit the pages Airbnb Mérida and VRBO Mérida.


Hostels in Mérida

– Hostal Nomadas
Dormitories and private rooms
Beautiful guest house with an amazing pool and a lot of activities
Calle 62, n°433, entre 53 y 51, centro, Mérida

– Hostal Zocalo
Dormitories and private rooms
Located in the main square of Merida
Calle 63, n°508, entre 60 y 62, centro, Mérida


Hotels in Mérida

If you are attracted more by small hotels with an excellent and personalized service, we especially recommend the following ones:

– Hotel del Peregrino
Small hotel with a comun kitchen
You can use the pool at Nomadas Hostel
calle 51, n°488 entre 54 y 56, centro, Mérida

– Hotel Boutique Merida Santiago
Rita and Jan will welcome you in their house converted into a small “boutique” hotel. Spacious, bright and with a pool for a relaxing stay.
Calle 74-A, n°499, entre 57 y 59A, centro, Mérida

– Villa Verde Merida
Robert and Michael welcome you into their beautiful and spacious colonial house in the center of Mérida. With 5 bedrooms, 3 “patios”, a swimming pool, a “Secret Garden”, a restaurant-bar and a spa, your comfort and privacy are guaranteed!
Calle 56, n°468, entre 53 y 55, centro Mérida

– Bed and breakfast Casa del Maya
Lovingly restored colonial-style home that enchants with Mexican charm and celebrates the rich culture and craft of the Mayans.
Jordy and Steve will ensure a enjoyable staying
10% discount for students of Calle 55.
Calle 66, n°410, entre 45 y 47, centro Mérida.

– Hotel Medio Mundo
Beautiful boutique hotel with a delicious vegan restaurant
calle 55, n°533 entre 64 y 66, centro Mérida


Apartments in Mérida

This is a good solution for those who want more independence and freedom. To give you an idea of the price, a furnished studio will cost per month between 4000 pesos (220 usd / 195€) and 8000 pesos (440 usd / 390€)
Here are some options for apartments that are in the center of Merida.

– Hostel y Departamentos Nomadas
Price / month:  6000 pesos  approximately.
Calle 62, n°433, entre 21 y 16, centro Mérida

– Condominios Maria Del Pilar
Price / month:  4500 pesos  approximately.
tel: 999 923 1680
Calle 61, n°552, entre 70 y 72 centro, Merida

– Suites del Sol
Price / month:  12000 pesos  approximately.
Calle 58, n°405, entre 39 y 41, centro Mérida