La Calle’s Teaching Method To Learn Spanish In Merida, Mexico Calle 55 is a Spanish school in Merida, Mexico. Our school in Mexico proposes Spanish courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. Several type of courses: intensive, private, semi-intensive and online. Our teaching method to learn Spanish is based on conversation. In Calle 55, you will find the cheapest Spanish courses in Merida, Mexico. Our teachers are passionate and experimented. Retrouvez-nous sur Google+

Our teaching method

Our teaching method is simple: to make you talk as much as possible. It is talking while we learn! The communicative approach allows you to learn the Spanish which enables you to manage the daily situations.

We only speak in Spanish, including the beginner class.

• We create an environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable talking.

• We do not mix levels

We recreate real-life situations: you will learn the spanish you need to be able to order in a restaurant or order tacos on the street, to understand a guide in a museum, to request information on the street, to talk to Mexicans about art or politics, to make travel arrangements through an agency, etc..

You will not use a book. All worksheets are created by the team of teachers. This allows us to tailor courses to each class according to their needs and interests.

• Of course we do not forget to work on writing and listening! We use fragments of radio and movies, songs, magazine articles, ads, etc.., It is important to understand the everyday spoken Spanish. It is also a way for you to learn about the Mexican and Latin American culture.

• To stimulate the conversation we create debates, we play and we do other creative exercises.


Learning grammar is essential, but it is only a tool that will help you to communicate in reality with other people other than your teacher.


With us you will learn the language and culture without even realizing it!