La Calle (ancient Calle 55), Spanish School In Merida, Mexico Calle 55 is a Spanish school in Merida, Mexico. Our school in Mexico proposes Spanish courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. Several type of courses: intensive, private, semi-intensive and online. Our teaching method to learn Spanish is based on conversation. In Calle 55, you will find the cheapest Spanish courses in Merida, Mexico. Our teachers are passionate and experimented. Retrouvez-nous sur Google+

What our student think about us?


Here you can read what our students think about our spanish school, our teaching method, the spanish teachers, the atmosphere, etc. The comments below are the ones written originally in English. Click in each language if you want to see the testimonials originally written in German in French.
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Marilyn, Estados Unidos,
Trabajadora social

Excellent and enjoyable !

I attended classes here for six weeks this summer, and I can’t recommend the school enough. This school is just what I was looking for to work on my Spnaish. The classes are small and conversation-based, with supportive, professional, and fun teachers. I noticed my Spanish improve substantially throughout my time in the school, and I feel more confident in my abilities now. The school also organized a homestay for me and I loved having the opportunity to live with a Mexican family. Additionally, the school is lovely and the environment is very pleasant. Merida is a beautiful city with lots to do (and ample opportunities to practice Spanish)– so if you study here, you will not regret it! I would love to return to Merida specifically to continue taking more classes from Calle 55.


profesora de Ingles en España

The perfect school !
I attended La Calle spanish school for one week in July and it is my idea of a perfect school! The class sizes are small and based around conversation and speaking practice. The atmosphere is relaxed and the teachers very professional and supportive. I wish I could have stayed longer! I highly recommend La Calle spanish school to anyone wanting to learn or improve their spanish in the beautiful city of Merida!


Jesse y Renee, Canadiense

My girlfriend and I attended one week of classes here: we built from no foundation at all to a reasonable level of practical Spanish and a solid foundation with which to continue building.
Rachel and Agustin run a reputable program in a positive, beautiful and comfortable learning environment, right in downtown Merida. Making you feel right at home, the teachers here mould the class structure around their students to customize and maximize learning. As well, they give you the option to organize a homestay for you; ours was fantastic.
Thank you, La Calle spanish school, for being exactly what we were looking for. We would return to Merida solely for your school… and the coffee of course!

Joe, Australiano
Contador viajero

Brilliant! I went to this school over the course of a few months and i can honestly say that they are brilliant! The teachers, atmosphere and, most importantly, the quality of the teaching are all wonderful. I have now been to other schools across mexico and guatemala and this school has been the best i have been to – when i arrived i could hardly speak a word, and by the time i left i could even (slowly) read books in spanish! strongly recommended also – there are some great tortas just around the corner where the ladies can help you with your spanish during the breaks

Kim, Estados Unidos
This school exceeded all of my expectations. I studied here for two weeks. The focus was on conversation. My spanish level is high intermediate and I was able to improve substantially in my two weeks here. The staff were all friendly and encouraging. The teachers were focused and helpful. The school is perfectly located in Mérida which is a very safe city. There are many restaurants and other places to visit nearby to practice your spanish when school is out for the day. The school exceeded all of my expectations. I came home speaking spanish more fluidly and with more confidence. I would not hesitate to return and highly recommend this school if you want to learn spanish at any level.

Bryce y Kate,Estados Unidos
Arquitecto y profesora para niños

Great Place to Learn Some Spanish. My wife and I spent two full weeks here. She already speaks much better than I so we were put in different classes. We found the instructors to be a great blend of tough and focused while still being flexible and fun. Speaking is the main focus, not a lot of written lessons or exercises. They really don’t want you speaking any English at all. This is a real challenge at first, but we thought did produce the best outcome. Day by day students might come and go, and week to week they tend to shuffle the instructors around to different levels, which we thought worked well. We also enjoyed the relaxed, social atmosphere and ended up making new friends quickly who we often socialized with later and continued to practice our Spanish. A really great experience overall.

Tasia y Marc, Canadiense

The other reviews accurately describe the school and the experience. But we were to be there only one week. How much can you learn in 5 class days? Well, no school is going to teach you Spanish in one week. But the excellent teachers we had and the small groups of students (who also were, of course, fellow travelers) worked well. The classes were largely conversational, with hours of intense focus on listening to understand and in speaking to be understood, on wide ranging topics. I did learn some new vocabulary and grammar, but I think more important was that the classes made me remember and use all the Spanish that I already had learned, but not used and nearly forgotten. And all those hours of conversation made me much more open to attempting to converse out in the real world. And it was a great experience to get to know the teachers and fellow students. Worthwhile and recommended!

Madeline y Peter, Estados Unidos
Profesora de español

Intensive and Great! Looking at the positive comments on Trip Advisor for Calle 55 Spanish School, I found it is everything you see and more. My husband and I were at two different levels of Spanish and both of us had an enriching experience with the high quality staff of La Calle spanish school. Not only were our lessons creative, interactive, and motivating, but they also addressed our specific grammar and vocabulary needs, even at very advanced levels. These teachers teach and teach based on what they observe that you need. I would characterize Calle 55 as a well-run school of talented, high quality, and dynamic professionals.


Matthew And Laurie, Inglaterra y Francia

If you’re looking for a Spanish school then this is the one!!”  Me and my girlfriend just finished 2 intensive weeks here and let me tell you, it was awesome. We started by doing a 5 minute interview then we were all sorted into groups relative to your level. The atmosphere is great and all the teaches are extremely good at their jobs. It may be slightly difficult speaking no English at first but you get used to it quickly! You will start at 9am and do 2 hours, followed by a 15 minute break, then another 2 hours. There’s always coffee and water available and on Fridays Rachel goes out to by croissants!
We went from speaking no Spanish at all to being able to use it in day to day life. Miguel, Pablo and Agustin keep doing a great job

Chris, Estados Unidos

Patient, insightful, enthusiastic teachers at this Merida language school. I went to Merida for six weeks as part of my sabbatical goal of increasing my Spanish language skills. I made the mistake of attending a different school for my first three weeks, but then after taking an individual tutoring session at Calle 55, I knew where I needed to be and finished my final three weeks with Calle 55. The teachers take extra special care in placing you in a group that will fit your needs – giving you an opportunity to use what Spanish you may already know and challenge you to grow at the same time. The school facilities are welcoming. The teachers are wonderful. I loved it.

Wendy, Canada
trabajadora social

Enjoyed the ambience, the staff and location at this well-run language school.. I appreciated the approach, not too academic, lots of opportunities to talk, friendly teachers. Classes are small and they will tailor a class to your visit. I attended for a week, and a couple of extra activities were offered. The cost is reasonable. Don’t expect air-conditioning, but between Sept and March it’s unnecessary.

Montana, Canada

Great experience !! Spent 3 weeks in class here and I’ve gone from zero Spanish knowledge to a good sized working vocabulary. The teachers are great and the atmosphere is great. Located right in the center of the city.

Susan, Canada
trabajadora social

Amazing flexibility and teaching for our level and interest! My sister and I were in Merida with some fellow travelers who did not want to learn Spanish. Rachel was very accommodating to fit the two of us into her schedule so that we could still spend time with our friends. Our teacher was Miguel and he was very enthusiast teaching us about the history of Mexico. We increased in fluency during the week and the ten hours of solid conversation made up for a full term of Spanish lessons here in Canada. Miguel brought interesting topics to discuss and was gracious in his correction of our mistakes! The staff are all friendly and couldn’t have been more helpful to work with a complicated schedule. The location of the school is perfect as it is close to the centre and oftener a morning of classes you can grab some lunch and keep on visiting the city on foot which is what we like. We also caught a very convenient bus that took us out to the west end of the city and dropped us two blocks from our B&B.

Pei Yeng, Malasia

Effective Spanish classes! I have taken a 2 weeks Spanish course, it helped me a lot to be able to converse with local people. In the class we were only three or four students. We learn Spanish in a fun way, we played games sometimes and we do learn through the games. Also we learn the conjugation in a less formal way which making it more interesting. Most of the time we practice more speaking than writing which is more practical. The school found a very nice host family for me which gave me a very nice experience to live with a typical Mexican family and I can practice my Spanish with them everyday! I highly recommend this school to everyone. Thanks Calle 55 and all the teams! Hasta luego!

Patricia, Alemania

Relax, have fun, and learn Spanish! I recently spent two weeks studying Spanish at Calle 55 and it was a wonderful experience.
The atmosphere in the classroom is stress-free and supportivethe idea is to relax, have fun, and speak as much Spanish as possible. I felt comfortable from the moment I walked in, and I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Augustin and Miguel.
After two weeks of stimulating classes and lots of encouragement from the teachers, my ability to speak Spanish has advanced to a new level.
I sincerely recommend Calle 55 to anyone who wants to spend time in a beautiful city and learn lots of Spanish. I intend to return.


Dana y Callum

A great place to learn Spanish! We were recommended Calle 55 by a hostel. And it was a great place to learn. We felt we got so much out of our week studying there. It was a small class of 3 which was awesome for learning. Augustine was very strict about no English, which was good, in the long run, definitely learnt more that way. And he let us go off on tangents when we had different questions we wanted answered. The week definitely gave us the confidence to communicate while travelling Mexico, along with a great base knowledge of Spanish and how the language works. Thanks again guys, we loved our week there!


Anna, Inglaterra
Estudiante de teatro

The best ! Calle 55 is the most amazing language school. It’s an incredibly nurturing environment, with a mixture of students from all over the world, ages, and levels of Spanish.
The teachers are thorough, extremely patient, loads of fun, and they clearly love their job, therefore us as students thrive off their energy too!
They organised extra activities like cooking classes with a Mexican chef and cinema trips, all with a focus around understanding Spanish outside the classroom.
Even in the coffee break (the best coffee!) there is an unwritten rule of no language other than Spanish allowed, so even outside the class you’re fully immersed in it!
All the teachers had great recommendations of things to do at the weekend or in the evenings, Merida is a vibrant city and Calle 55 reflects its happiness, colour and warmth!

Andromeda, Estados Unidos

Best of 3 Spanish schools I have attended; great people, great price, fun urban location!  I was planning a long weekend in Merida and decided to come early for a week of intense Spanish. Calle 55 is a small school and there were no students in my level that week, so I ended up with one-on-one classes, and I’m so glad! I’ve attended schools in Costa Rica that I would rate at 4 stars and a big school in Oaxaca I would give 3 stars. Calle 55, which I would give 5+ stars, was less expensive, more personal, more pedagogically rigorous, more diagnostically accurate (in terms of my own errors and practice needs), and more fun! The school has great teachers who are warm, interesting, attentive people all around, My teacher, Agustin, was a great conversationalist and dedicated teacher with years of experience teaching in France as well as Mexico. The school also seems to attract a special kind of student, happy to mix and practice. Our group attended a special screening of a Spanish language movie at a nearby arthouse theater, and discussed it afterward. Even if the school hadn’t arranged it, the proximity of the “LA 68” theater (open air and screening room with hamacas) is another plus. as are the many local restaurants and cultural attractions of Merida. As a 40-something woman traveling alone, I never felt isolated or without great recommendations for restaurants, nightlife, etc. My stay at a cheap nearby hostel was similarly problem-free. Highly recommended!

Sohail, Holanda
Ingeniero en energía sustentable

Excellent ! I sincerely enjoyed my classes in Spanish at this school. It’s very cool to meet new people who are so motivated about their work and the fact that my teacher Miguel started to speak Spanish immediately make my motivation very involving. I really felt a klick. I like their location in the middle of Merida and i think it’s very nice that they are doing this! The prices are absolutely great and i hope that they keep doing this for a longer time! Thanks guys!

David, Estados Unidos


Although I am only a beginner, everyday I find myself more and more confident with my interactions in Spanish. I am no longer afraid to ask questions of people. The teachers at Calle 55 are fantastic, allowing students enough space to think and develop their skills while helping us along at just the right time. While taking private classes, the topics of conversation are varied from basic items, to politics, to the US and Mexican economy, and cultural activities. I have been here two times for a total of four weeks, and when I return to Merida, I will be calling them again!

Sarah, Estados Unidos
Profesora de español

Excellent instruction with wonderful people ! I have been to many language schools in various parts of Mexico and Guatemala. The instruction at Calle 55 was the best I have received. I am and advanced student and I really needed to “fine tune” my Spanish. They were able to give me a combination of conversation and grammar instruction. I am a professor here in VA and worked as a Spanish instructor in the public schools in NJ for eight years. I was really impressed.
I will be going back to Merida (great city) and rejoining the school as soon as I can.


Lori, Estados Unidos
Administración de pensiones

Excellent way to learn Spanish! I recently retired to Merida, Mexico from Northern California. In planning for my new life, I knew I would need to learn Spanish. Like most Californian’s I know my way around a menu, but that was as far as my Spanish went. I found Calle 55 online and signed up for four weeks of intensive classes. Because I was the only student at my pre-beginner level, the first two weeks I studied alone with my excellent teacher Miguel. Miguel has a lot of patience and on day one we started with “what is your name”? Which, by the way, when asked in Spanish meant absolutely nothing to me… now, I can answer, “soy Lori”. Over the two weeks we went through the basic conversations that everyone has every day, and I learned to communicate about my routine and my daily life. Miguel introduced a lot of vocabulary and made sure that I understood the meaning of each word, as well as how it is used in conversation, without resorting to English to provide a definition. I cannot say that I never reverted to English to make a point, but Miguel was tolerant of my transgressions while encouraging me to be more creative in getting my point across with limited Spanish.
After the first two weeks, there were a couple of new students who were more familiar with Spanish and I joined a class of three. We were also assigned a new teacher, Augustin. Like Miguel, Augustin was very thorough and brought his own style to the lessons. It was actually helpful for me that certain topics were first taught to me by Miguel and then reinforced by Agustin. The two different approaches to the same specific lessons helped to solidify the concepts in my mind.
I enjoyed and appreciated both the one on one classes and the group classes.
Now I am in the process of reviewing and studying the vocabulary I learned during these four weeks and am using a little more Spanish every day; in restaurants, stores and ordering water delivery on the phone. Later in the fall I am planning on attending classes again at Calle 55. They offer a part-time program for residents of Merida that will work well with my budget, and my calendar as well.
I highly recommend the classes at Calle 55. Everyone I met there, students and teachers alike, was friendly, encouraging and helpful

Khristin, Estados Unidos
Doctorada especializada en arqueología

I took two weeks of intensive Spanish courses at Calle 55. I am at an intermediate level of Spanish and absolutely believe the two weeks I spent there helped me more than any class I have ever taken in college. The classes are small and you are matched with people of your same level. The instructors are GREAT and the learning process is fun. I felt as though I was coming to visit with my friends for four hours instead of sitting in a boring classroom. That said, even though the classes are fun, the instructors are incredibly savvy at providing structure and concentrating on aspects they feel the students need help with (so you do get necessary grammar and vocabulary). While at the school, I took a guided tour around the Centro in Merida and learned so much about the city’s history. I made several friends while at Calle 55 who were at various levels and I believe they each had an absolutely positive experience. I would certainly recommend this school to anyone looking for a fun, yet productive language learning experience and I look forward to continuing with their staff online.

Pej, irani-usa

I attended Calle 55 for 2 weeks and it was my first time taking Spanish classes. The first week it ended up with me and just the professor as the other students were more advanced and the second week there were 2 other students in the class. I felt that we were all at the same level and that made it easier for everyone.  The teachers and staff were great and I always felt very welcomed. The classes were very effective and I liked that they never spoke in English. The whole experience was fun and educational. I especially liked our field trip to see a movie in Spanish with no subtitles and our discussion afterwards.  Without a doubt, I definitely learned some Spanish which helped me greatly in my trip the following week when I left Merida. The rest is up to me now.


Tomoko, japonesa

I had my ‘lesson ONE’ in spanish at calle 55. it was wonderful week. we are guided by friendly, serious, wise, witty and relaxed teachers in this place. join them and you will like it!

Pierre y Esther, Canadienses

My wife and I wanted to take 2 hours each of private class in the morning and visit and enjoy Merida in the afternoon for a whole week. it worked just fine with Calle 55 and we improved our Spanish a lot. Plus we had a great vacation week. Thanks to Augustin and his team.

Paulette, Canadiense

 As a beginner Spanish learner, the “Calle 55 Spanish School” couldn’t have been a better choice. The teachers, Eva, Pablo and Agustin, were top notch – skilled, entertaining and very patient. I learned a lot, in a non-threatening environment, in small class settings that allow for maximum interaction with both teacher and fellow students. The owners – Rachel and Agustin – couldn’t be more gracious and more attentive to their students. They don’t spare any effort to ensure you have a great learning experience, with extra-curricular activities that introduce you to the rich cultural life of Mérida (Mexican cinema, Mayan history, Yucatecan art and artesan tradition) with local people knowledgeable in their field. I took their intensive one-month course with thematic classes and weekly cultural activities. Classes are kept small and carefully assigned to your specific level. You learn a lot, you are kept stimulated by skilled teachers and you get to meet fantastic people from all over the world! With the one-month program, you are assigned to different teachers from week to week, which keeps you on your toes and keeps you motivated. I want to do them proud and join a conservation group in Vancouver. And I intend to go back for more at Calle 55 to deepen my Spanish grammar and syntax skills. Thank you Agustin, Rachel, Eva, Pablo, and Miguel for a memorable learning, cultural and human experience. You are the best!

Antonia, Estados Unidos
profesora de ingles para extranjeros

When I arrived for my first class at Calle 55 Spanish School I was greeted warmly by the entire staff, welcomed with a cup of coffee, and made to feel at home right away.  From the start we conversed only in Spanish — but even with my limited repertory of phrases,  I did not feel intimidated.  Students were split up into several classes based on proficiency level.  At my level there were only myself, one other student, and our teacher, Susana, a native of Barcelona.  The other groups also had about two students per teacher.  My classmate, Namku, and I seemed to have complementary strengths and weaknesses, so there was a lot of give and take in the class, and we were able to help each other.   The work progressed in difficulty daily within a framework that allowed for both conversational freedom and practical grammar instruction.  During our break each day, the students and teachers from all the groups gathered in the central courtyard to share our news and practice our conversational skills.
Susana was a master teacher whose methods included games, video clips, fun vocabulary-building activities, accompanied with consistent  support and encouragement.  The other teachers were from Spain and Mexico, and there were students from Australia, Korea, Switzerland, and the U.S. — just in the two weeks I spent studying there.  It was truly a multicultural experience.
I came in with basic phrases and some vocabulary, but was by no means fluent, or comfortable with ordinary conversation. After the two weeks at Calle 55, I was definitely expressing myself far more easily and responding to questions with much more assurance.  
I’m hoping to get involved in some hispanic cultural groups when I get home, and Calle 55 really helped to get me up to the level where I’ll feel a lot more comfortable doing that.  Calle 55 was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it for students of Spanish at any level.


Laura, Estados Unidos
Artista plástica

I was very pleased with Calle 55. The School emphasizes a conversational approach and I admit I was a bit skeptical before I began since I have been in other schools where “conversational” meant just an unstructured free for all with very little substance. This was definitely not the case here. The teacher, Augustin, always had a very specific plan that required oral, auditory and writing skills. He was adept at ensuring that all students participate and addressed thoroughly gramatical challenges and questions as they arose. The class required a high degree of active learning for the entire 4 hours. The school has a relaxed atmosphere but is organized and uses the time efficiently. The downtown location was a plus for me since a number of the schools in Merida are further out of the city center. There was an interesting mix of students of all ages from various countries. I hope to return in the future. 

Ken, Estados Unidos
Profesor de fotografia

Agustín was an excellent teacher. I had two weeks of classes with him and 4 other students. We were from different backgrounds, but were more or less on the same advanced level of conversation. Agustín always had a plan for the class which was fun and very useful in learning conversational Spanish. Classroom time was lively and productive, and he was a master of leading the conversation in a way that kept everyone engaged. He was always very careful that everyone understood the question at hand before moving on. I’ve had lots of Spanish classes over many years and this was one of the best.



Casey, Australia
Estudiante en comunicación

I took four weeks of classes at the beginning of January, 2015. I had a fantastic time both at the school and in Mérida. The school runs a lot of group classes for different learning levels, which was perfect for me after having done a lot of one on one intensive classes in Bolivia. I found the group environment really stimulating and I learnt a lot. Staff are really friendly, helpful and approachable, so I highly recommend the school – supposedly a pool for students is on the horizon too. Watch this space!


Chris, Estados Unidos
profesor de artes marciales

Thank you Calle 55! I had a great time and learned a lot! The classes were small and well paced. Our instructor, Pablo, did a great job of working with everyone at their level without slowing down the pace of the class. He was also very knowledgable about the particulars, details of grammar and the like. I was only able to stay for one week because of my work schedule but I think I made very significant progress. I hope to come back soon!

Miguel y Linda (USA)
Marketing de casas disqueras y profesora

Thank you again for a wonderful experience in Merida and at your school this past February. The classes were fun and stimulating and the rule of “only spanish “ drove me to be more adventurous with attempting to speak the language. It is a warm and inviting location and I felt welcome and appreciated there. Best wishes for your continued success. The creativity was awesome and i feel I made progress because of it.


Molly and Philipp Sullivan (USA)

My husband & I recently spent 5 weeks studying Spanish at Calle 55.  It was a transforming experience for each of us.  My husband had no Spanish at all when he began, and he can now negotiate nicely in Spanish in our continued travels in the Yucatan.  I have studied Spanish off & on for many years in school settings.  It was a completely different ball game for me.  I needed to become fluidly conversant in Spanish.  Presently, I feel terrific about the level of fluency that I achieved in those 5 weeks.  
The teaching methods used by Calle 55 were new to me.  The methods were varied with an emphasis on conversation, but also with an integration of essential grammar & vocabulary.  The teachers are smart, organized, and skilled in delivering concepts & conversational fluency at each of our levels.  
And it was fun!  We had many fascinating & complex discussions in Spanish with our classmates who hailed from many parts of the globe.  Our teachers brought good humor and good will to all of our conversations.  We learned a terrific amount about the culture of Mexico, and our questions & as well as our needs were met in a professional & intelligent manner.
Being at Calle 55 was a wonderful experience that so enriched our lives — as well as our ability to speak Spanish.  We hope to return.
Muchas gracias a todo.

Mark, (USA)

My Spanish was quite rusty when I got there, but after two weeks I made a lot of progress.  The classrooms are beautiful and the teachers very committed to each student’s learning.    The classes are well structured so that you don’t get bored.The City of Merida is a great place to learn spanish and the people are super friendly.  Also, there are an amazing amount of cultural events and the school is well located for you to take advantage of them.
Thanks again for a great experience!


Emma (USA)

I loved my time at Calle 55 and am already (two days after getting back to New York) looking for plane tickets to return! The moment you walk through the door the learning experience begins. From informal spanish conversations over coffee- to “heavy grammar” (which is always conversational) their teaching style makes the experience fun- so much so that the 4 hours fly by. What’s of even more importance though is how much I learned there. The classes are rigorous, structured, dynamic, super well planned and the teachers are extremely professional.  Augustin tailored the class to our needs and interests and always had a creative way to help us learn a concept. There was never a dull moment. I can not recommend Calle 55 enough!!

Susan (USA)
Executive Director MSP International Film Festival
During the two short days I was able to spend at calle 55, my Spanish was remarkably refreshed. Total immersion, combined with a level of professionalism but a relaxed and personalized conversational atmosphere, creates an ideal setting for language classes.  I highly recommend calle 55 to anyone interested in learning or perfecting their Spanish.


Rob (Inglaterra)
“I had a great time at Calle 55, and learned a great deal. The relaxed and informal approach to lessons suited me very well and my teacher was more than happy to tailor the lessons to suit my learning needs. Everyone at the school is extremely friendly and welcoming and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Lewis (USA)
I highly recommend this school! I spent one month studying intensive spanish at Calle-55 and had a wonderful experience. The owners/ teachers obviously enjoy their work, have a highly effective teaching strategy and are genuinely invested in the success of their students. They use a communicative approach, which involves mostly speaking, listening, playing games, etc, rather than memorizing and drilling. The school is centrally located, within walking distance of cafes, restaurants, shops, plazas, and buses for out of town trips. I am very satisfied with my experience and hope to return! 



Emily Olson (Estados Unidos)
biologa marina
I spent close to a month at Calle 55, and in that month not only did I progress in my ability to speak and understand Spanish, but I also gained more confidence in my abilities than I had ever had before. In the upper-level class with Augustin, an absolutely wonderful teacher (like everyone at Calle 55), we learned through engagement with the language; we read passages and watched video clips and then interpreted, discussed, and debated them to deepen our understanding of the material and our use of the language in conversation. Even when there were four people in the class it still felt very one-on-one, and all the students were encouraged to express themselves and their ideas in a no-pressure atmosphere. At Calle 55 you learn the language organically and the instructors are extremely attentive and supportive of all of the students, regardless of level (having spoken to the other instructors and seen how they teach, I can vouch that this is true for all the levels!). At Calle 55 they are very conscientious with placing you in the right level and tailoring the lessons to what the group needs or wants to learn. The method of teaching is great for people who, like me, don’t learn as well in a rote large-classroom and textbook system. I would highly recommend Calle 55 for anyone who is looking to immerse themselves in the Spanish language in a relaxing, supportive, engaging, and friendly atmosphere in the heart of the beautiful city of Merida.

Sue Tong Hoi (Noruega)
estudiante de hoteleria
Calle 55 er en skole som tilbyr spansk og fransk kurs, med veldig flinke lœrere! De mener at å snakke er den beste måten å lœre et språk på, og det jeg erfarte var riktig! Snakket kun spansk under timene, og etter 3 mnd med spanskkurs merker jeg at jeg ikke har noen problemer med å omgås med spansktallende mennesker lenger. Utrolig flinke lœrere med mange bra lœringstekninger og veldig bra miljø! Absolut å anbefale, og vil takke dem for alt jeg har lœrt! “

Simon Davies, (Inglaterra)
I spent one week at Calle 55. The language school is beautiful and in the wonderful physical and cultural setting of Merida. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed but motivated to learn. Rachel, Augustino and all of the teachers all help to create the great atmosphere. The teachers are attentive to the needs of the students and in just one week I feel I progressed a lot thanks to Suzanna. I am looking forward to going back to learn more Spanish and to explore the region even more!


Nona, (Estados Unidos)
Deeply satisfying experience working with a teacher who inspires and elicits conversation and learning from the inside out–meaning that like all gifted teachers he pays great attention to what is happening in the moment and teaches from the student’s mouth to the board. I am a teacher and was very happy to study (four-hours a day zipped by) at a school with such thoughtful pedagogy. Organized and friendly. All the teachers engaged and professional with contemporary thinking. School also offers excursions and low key welcoming little fiestas. If you are going to study Spanish do it here. (Merida is lovely and friendly)”

Cassie, (Estados Unidos)
“The best adult educational experience I’ve ever had. Friendly, professional teachers in a supportive and fun environment. Augustin is a really talented teacher, able to tailor the exercises to what you need, challenging you while making the process enjoyable. They’ve created a really great environment at Calle 55. Highly recommended! And Merida and the Yucatan are beautiful.”

Laurence (Francia)
Une école toute nouvelle pleine de charme typique mexicaine aux couleurs un peu fofolles mais c’est pour ça qu’on l’aime ! 2 semaines de cours intensifs soit 4 h par jour pendant 5 jours avec au départ un niveau débutant, c’était loin d’être gagné!  Et pourtant ils l’ont fait ! Un prof au top avec une patience exemplaire et une pédagogie plus que maîtrisée. J’ai été agréablement surprise par l’adaptation du cours à l’élève et non pas l’inverse comme on a souvent l habitude de voir dans les écoles. Par conséquent cela m’a permis d’avancer à mon rythme sans me sentir frustrée ou mal à l’aise.
Pour finir, j’ai pu trouver une ambiance chaleureuse et conviviale qui ne m’a pas donné l’impression d’être dans une école mais dans un espace sociable où il est bon de boire des jus locaux accompagnés d’une bonne « galette » bretonne, de rencontrer de nouvelles personnes et ainsi de pratiquer mon espagnol !
Je la recommande vivement !

Andra (Estados Unidos)
I had studied Spanish in the US for 10 years, but after studying French in Paris for a year, I could barely speak, let alone think of words in Spanish. This summer I spent one week studying Spanish with Agustin at Calle 55. I was amazed by the end of the week we were holding an entire dinner conversation in Spanish. The schools’ style of teaching is fun and personal, and encourages you to learn the language we use in our everyday life. The intimate class size ensures everyone ample speaking time to engage in the exercises. I studied the same teaching method in Paris with Agustin’s partner, Rachel, and in three months I was speaking French at an intermediate level. I highly recommend the experience of learning at Calle 55. The school is colorful and bright, and its’ hosts are so warm and friendly. They take great pride in the way they teach and how endearingly they enjoy engaging with folks around the world. It’s not just a school either, it’s a gathering place where you can relax with books, swing in a hammock, and meet other locals hanging out a their Creperia. It’s a wonderful place to make rest while in Mexico! 

Gabriela Giacoman (Estados unidos)
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I studied spanish at Calle 55, in order to prepare for a trip to visit my family in South America for the second time, my first voyage was difficult due to needing translation to communicate with non english speakers. I was a complete beginner and had only a couple of weeks to prepare for the trip and a work schedule that allowed for only some hours per week, so was assuming that I would be able to pick up a few words and phrases. But the course with my teacher was not only very enjoyable but remarkably effective, my relatives were amazed as I managed to have real direct conversations with them for the first time. I was also able to ask and understand directions, order in restaurants and all of the other basic stuff that makes a trip much more enjoyable. Really incredible for a grand total of 8 classes and hardly any outside study.

Patrick Bowe (Irlanda / Australia)
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“I studied Spanish with Agustin at Calle 55. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes with him and my Spanish improved greatly. Agustin conducts the classes in a very modern, highly interactive style with a good balance between informal, verbal spanish and solid grammar work. Most of all, Agustin creates an excellent, open classroom atmosphere, encouraging student participation. This really developed a great sense of confidence in my verbal Spanish and my capacity to interact effectively in Spanish-speaking environments. Put briefly, I’d recommend Calle 55 to anyone as a Spanish school.”

Marian Henbest (Inglaterra)
“Lessons were dynamic, interesting and fun with the emphasis always on speaking as much as possible. The balance between studying grammar and learning about aspects of Latin American or Spanish culture was perfect. I found the standard of teaching to be exceptionally high and I was delighted to make remarkably quick progress.”