Spanish School Pictures, Merida, Mexico Calle 55 is a Spanish school in Merida, Mexico. Our school in Mexico proposes Spanish courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. Several type of courses: intensive, private, semi-intensive and online. Our teaching method to learn Spanish is based on conversation. In Calle 55, you will find the cheapest Spanish courses in Merida, Mexico. Our teachers are passionate and experimented. Retrouvez-nous sur Google+


Student learning spanish in the classroom


 IMG_1379 (Custom)          Calle 55, spanish school Merida Mexico          


Practicing spanish on Calle 55’s courtyard

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Last day in the classroom

agus, david, rachel stencils14 Last day in Calle 55 last day in spanish school Nam koo orgulloso de su playera  Calle 55 Spanish school Diana, Agus y Don IMG_1006 (Custom) IMG_1010 (Custom) IMG_1028 (Custom) IMG_1029 (Custom) IMG_1086 (Custom) IMG_1087 (Custom) IMG_1148 (Custom) IMG_1175 (Custom) IMG_1176 (Custom) IMG_1178 (Custom)  IMG_1209 (Custom) IMG_1341 (Custom) IMG_1365 (Custom) IMG_1432 (Custom) IMG_1433 (Custom) IMG_1477 (Custom) IMG_1479 (Custom) Spanish course IMG_1490 (Custom) John, Agus y Philip Miguel, Adrian ... Nam koo, Daisy, Eva y PabloTamerlane, Aysha, Agus, Jorge y Eva ultima dia